Research Lines

The main topic of my resesearch is develop new antennas suitables for measurement systems and microwave industrial sensors. This topic is divided in two branches

  • Microwave Planar Lenses: I am working on Fresnel Zone Plates Lenses and on transmitarrays, with Dra. Susana Loredo and the Ph.D. student Mr. Enrique G. Plaza. These senses are able to create plane waves or to focus the energy in certain spot.
  • Near-Field Focus Antennas: These antennas focus the energy in to a spot close to the antenna.

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision:

Title: Development of planar lenses based on periodic structures for imaging

Ph.D. Student: Enrique G. Plaza.
Supervisors: German Leon and Susana Loredo.
University: Universidad de Oviedo.
School: Engineering School of Gijon
Date: in progress

He also serves or has served as reviewer for the following journals:

– IEEE Transaction on Antennas and Propagation
– IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
– IEEE Transaction on Instrument and Measurement
– IEEE Transaction on Broadcast
– Progress in Electromagnetism Research


I was in the Queen Mary University of London with Prof. Yang Hao’s group as a visiting professor during October 2014. In their laboratory, I could characterize two mm-wave offset Fresnel Zone Plate lenses.

Ph.D. Thesis Dissertation:

“Circuitos y Antenas en Tecnología Plana sobre Sustrato Ferrimagnéticos” (Circuits and antennas on planar technology on ferrimagnetis substrates)


"Dressed up" with my PhD advisor  (and friend) Rafael R. Boix
“Dressed up” with my PhD advisor (and friend) Rafael R. Boix

Best Ph. D. Thesis in Physics in the University of Seville, in the year 2005.


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